Hawthorn won the grand final 2013

YES! hawthorn won the grand final beat gelong 99 to 101 points so close good try gelong they did very well to beat us but If Garry ablett from gelong got there then gelong would beat hawthorn but bad luck I didn’t know why he didn’t come. when hawthorn comes for a match I run strait to the TV and I go crazy about it.I always drive my dad and mum crazy about saying “mum dad when is hawthorn coming for a match and they say “I don’t know and I also say “I’m rely concentrating on my homework over here.just tell me bad luck  Krish don’t make me come over there dad OK fine I’l tell you”and then they told me at the day “I got ticket’s Krish YES!” I got in the car and ready go that”s how I like hawthorn.

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