Maths Mate sheet 1 term 1 Question 23

Prediction: I predict that this problem will be be about number sentences.

Read: The digit sum for 195 is 1+9+5 or 15. The digit sum for 200 is 2+0+0 or 2. Find the two consecutive numbers that have digit sums of 27 and 1.


The Big Question: What’s the sum.

Mathematitions Toolbox: The strategy that I’m going to use is use number sentences and work backwards.

Solving: First I see what the questions asking the questions asking what’s the two executive numbers for 27 and 1 so I go 9 and 10 9 = 9 and 1+0 equals 1 that’s not write so you keep on going until 999 and 1000 and 9+9+9 equals 27 and 1+0+0+0 equals 1 and that the answer.

Conclusion: My predictions was good my strategy worked perfectly and my solving could have been faster so in the end the answer was 999 and 1000.

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