spelling week 5

spelling activity 1.

to find homophones or homographs for an E.G. 1 Words that connect but in a different meaning or doesn’t have to be like that i will show you 3 steps.

1.roll and role.

2.tears and tear.

3.bye and by.


1.i’m rolling on grass.

2.you have the role to mark the students if they are not here or they are here.

3.there’s a tear of water coming down from the clouds.

4.tears are coming down from your eyes because your crying.

5.bye i’m going to the shops.

6.i’m to the pool by a train because it’s a long way.




meetings were held across the country to find answer is why is it really cold in melbourn its cold because the lowest temperature is 0% and the highest max temperature is 100% if it was 0% people will be freezing cold and if it was 100% people would be burning hot and in a nice temperature it would be 23% that’s normal weather.    

about me

hi i am krish i was born in India and my favorite food is chocolate and my age is 9 i am turning 10 this year the 15 of march and i love football my favorite team is hawthorn GO HAWKS.


maths mate sheet 1 term 1 problem

Question 24: Fill in the missing number. 13+_+35=80

Predict: I think that this is a number problem. I predict I will have to use addition and subtraction.

Clarify: The blank box means that you need to write the answer in.


1. Add 13 and 35 together. The answer is 48

2. Subtract 48 from 80 the answer is 32

3. Fill in the empty box with the answer 32

Summary: The strategy was to make a number sentence.

behaviors in 5/6 I will change

bye 3/4 and hello 5/6 34 has been a good year and now I’m moving in 5/6 I predict in year 5/6 this is going to be the best year of my life no being rude or detention for me I have changed allot and now I’m going to be a better person than what I was in the last few years I bet I’m going to have  good times in 5/6 camps far away and that’s why I want to be in 5/6.

Hawthorn won the grand final 2013

YES! hawthorn won the grand final beat gelong 99 to 101 points so close good try gelong they did very well to beat us but If Garry ablett from gelong got there then gelong would beat hawthorn but bad luck I didn’t know why he didn’t come. when hawthorn comes for a match I run strait to the TV and I go crazy about it.I always drive my dad and mum crazy about saying “mum dad when is hawthorn coming for a match and they say “I don’t know and I also say “I’m rely concentrating on my homework over here.just tell me bad luck  Krish don’t make me come over there dad OK fine I’l tell you”and then they told me at the day “I got ticket’s Krish YES!” I got in the car and ready go that”s how I like hawthorn.

Maths Mate sheet 1 term 1 Question 23

Prediction: I predict that this problem will be be about number sentences.

Read: The digit sum for 195 is 1+9+5 or 15. The digit sum for 200 is 2+0+0 or 2. Find the two consecutive numbers that have digit sums of 27 and 1.


The Big Question: What’s the sum.

Mathematitions Toolbox: The strategy that I’m going to use is use number sentences and work backwards.

Solving: First I see what the questions asking the questions asking what’s the two executive numbers for 27 and 1 so I go 9 and 10 9 = 9 and 1+0 equals 1 that’s not write so you keep on going until 999 and 1000 and 9+9+9 equals 27 and 1+0+0+0 equals 1 and that the answer.

Conclusion: My predictions was good my strategy worked perfectly and my solving could have been faster so in the end the answer was 999 and 1000.